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SAFE is a multidimensional nonprofit organization focused on creating a healthier mental space in immigrant and black communities by addressing social issues with art, technology, fashion, and curated experiences.

SAFE uses a dynamic approach to education and empowerment. Imagine using music, merch and art to send a message. Then using technology to provide resources and make sure that any money made from that message is distributed in a way that supports positive change. That’s the SAFE way.

Our Hidden In Plain Sight campaign embodies the black struggle in both song and clothing. The record Jog Your Memory is a message to black men and women to continue the fight and stand strong in their light in the midst of the darkness. That message is continued in our clothing as we combine black and black camo garments brandishing our reflective SAFE logo as a way of speaking on finding and being the light in the darkness while being militant and covert in our efforts.

All proceeds from our clothing will be shared with the foundation of your choice. 30% will be going to our very own SAFE foundation to focus on the mental health of our communities and 70% will go to the foundation of your choice between the Know Your Rights Camp, The Loveland Foundation, The Black Trans Travel Fund, The Black Voters Matter Fund and Undocublack.